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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)
Some customers have contacted us and asked to purchase more leads. Are there any more available?
Thanks for your enthusiasm! We're glad you like the course. We currently are working on a 5th volume that should be ready later this year. This volume will contain a mixture of guitar blues, jazz, rock, and country music. Please check back!
Some customers have asked us why the complete and entire leads are not included for some songs.
The main reason is that I wrote this course to give you what I consider to be the 'BEST' and 'MOST EFFECTIVE' sections of each song. In some cases there are songs which include the solo, riffs and licks. In others, just one riff or lick might be all that is important in the song. In addition, there may be very difficult passages in a song that will be left for future volumes of higher difficulty level. Here, in this course, you will find the most important segments of tunes directed towards those players of beginning and intermediate skill playing capabilities. (Notice that there are no solos by Eric Johnson, Van Halen, George Benson or Frank Gambale. These are master lead soloists whose leads are attempted only by the very accomplished soloist.) BUT, to open the door to these masters, you must walk through the Rock and Roll lead portal I have designed here for you. I congratulate you for taking advantage of these solos by Santana, Clapton, Page, Hendrix and the other Rock & Roll greats included in these 4 volumes.
Some customers have asked how to open and use the course.
This information is contained in the Readme.doc file included in the downloaded information as well as on the CD's if your selected this option. To summarize, if you are using a PC browse the CD and open the file named: VolumeX.htm. Select a lead / solo click on it and beginning playing. If you have a MAC, browse the CD and look for a folder labeled MacVolX, open this folder and select the VolumeX.htm file in this folder, select a solo or riff and begin playing.
Do I need Flash on my computer to be able to use this course.
No, the course uses an embedded flash file format, so it will work, even if you don’t have flash on your machine.

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