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Anthony Alfano
April, 2005

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1. Randy Backman of the Guess Who
2. LEARN-A-LICK - American Woman

Hello, happy holidays and welcome to my first free newsletter for: GUITAR-LEADS.COM.
I hope you will find it a helpful tool in your journey to becoming a well rounded lead guitarist. I am planning on making this a quarterly newsletter with all kinds of great guitar leads info and offers.

1. “ROCK & ROLL 101"

I feel that a very important part of learning how to play the guitar is to learn about the musicians who influenced Rock & Roll guitar in the first place. As a part of our newsletter, I will draw upon many examples, with the intent of showing and explaining different styles, rhythms, tones and other characteristics of playing the guitar. I want you to not only learn how to mechanically play the guitar, but to eventually be able to feel what you play. After all, “feeling” what you’re playing is why you are playing the guitar, in the first place. It can and will carry your soul to different worlds.

This newsletter’s Rock & Roll guitar history lesson is about one great, versatile player.


RANDY BACHMAN is a great guitarist who never bores you with his choice of licks and solos. Randy, a native of Canada, played in early bands with his two brothers. In the late 60's, Randy joined Canadian supergroup THE GUESS WHO. Randy’s guitar playing quickly became the driving force behind their hit songs: “American Woman,” “Share The Land,” “No Sugar Tonight” and many others.

`In the mid 70's Randy went on to form another supergroup: BACHMAN TURNER OVERDRIVE. Creating solos in his songs, such as “You ain’t seen nothing yet,” “Takin’ Care of Business” and “Let It Ride,” you could tell that his playing was certainly Jazz influenced and gave every guitarist something to shoot for.

Now, please go get your guitar: we’re going to PART II: LEARN A LICK!


Here’s the part of your newsletter where you will have some fun. In this section, I will show you an important Rock Lead (a LICK) for you to add to your list of licks and riffs. We will draw from our ROCK & ROLL 101 guitarist: Randy Bachman. We will learn the opening guitar RIFF to the GUESS WHO’s song AMERICAN WOMAN.

Not so typical was it? It’s just a short little phrase, but very avante gard! The notes take you through a Diminished/Dominant 7th chord journey and it sounds really cool. Hope you liked it!


In this section, I will share some of the wonderful experiences I’ve had as a guitar player. I only do this so I can impress upon you to never give up on your dreams. If I can do it, so can you. If you haven’t already done so, please make sure you check out my web site: Guitar

I have written in the past about some of the great opportunities I’ve had, to open-up for my favorite bands. This month, I would like to take a bit of a turn, but one I hope you will find equally as interesting and perhaps more relevant.

My daughter was the first one to “test-drive” my course. She has always loved to sing, but never took the time to play or learn an instrument. I encouraged her to learn when she was going through some tough times in high school. As time went on, I would hear her pick up the guitar and begin to plink out some notes. To my surprise, in a few weeks she was on the WWW downloading chord tabs and strumming the songs she listened to on her Cd’s. I found her spending more and more time playing the guitar.

One day I heard her playing and singing a song I had never heard before. When I asked her who the artist was she responded that it was a song she wrote. I was blown away. In my 35 years of playing, I had never written a song. Here, my daughter was playing less than 3 months and she was writing her own guitar songs.

She has now been playing a little more than a year and she is already playing at the same level it took me 3 years to get to, when I started. She has started her own band and plays her own original guitar pieces and is a happier person. I am extremely proud of my daughter for not only taking a shot at teaching herself from her dad’s course, but for surpassing me in her talent for writing. My course opened this huge door for her and I would like for it to do the same for you, no matter what age or style of music you like.

I invite you now, to download my course and let music become a big part of your life. This COURSE will be the best investment you will ever make. Expect it to change your life. I guarantee it!

Click Here to see an example lead.

4. Thought For The Day - Humor

Good humor is one of the best articles of dress one can wear in society.
--William Thackeray.

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