You Name The Price Buying

With our "You name the price" system, money is no longer a barrier, so there is NO reason why you cannot join our family of over 12,000 guitarists in 65 countries who are the proud owners of these unique interactive guitar lessons.

There are no tricks or gimmicks. This is real. You name your price. We'll review your offer and let you know within a few seconds. If we accept your offer, go through the checkout process and you'll be the proud new owner of the Guitar Leads Master Volume. It's as simply as that.

We are implementing this on a trial basis. Most people thing we are crazy, but we think you will prove them wrong. As you probably know, there is no other pricing system like this on the internet for guitar courses. However, we reserve the right to change this system at any time... so we encourage you to take advantage of this unique opportunity, while you are certain it still exists.

1-Time Oportunity

In order to prevent a few miscreants from scamming us and taking advantage of this generous offer, we have instituted a policy of a 1-time offer only. This prevents people from making an offer for $1 and then when rejected moving their offer to $2, and then to $3, until we accept their offer at the lowest possible price.

Our system will allow you to make ONE OFFER, and one offer only. If it's a reasonable offer we'll accept it! If we don't accept your offer our system will lock you out for a period of at least one day – before it will allow you to try again. Please play fair and don’t try to game the system. Thanks.

    • Step 1.
    • You name the price
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    • Step 2.
    • You select the "Send Offer" button
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    • Step 3.
    • We will let you know if your offer is accepted
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    • Step 4.
    • You select CD or Download files
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    • Step 5.
    • You select the payment method
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    • Step 6.
    • You Complete the order
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